Somatics is the base of the work. Having a Somatic practice (BodyMindSpirit) keeps us anchored in our sensations, feelings and experiences in the body in movement in the moment. Our personal history shapes the body and determines how we feel, think, move and act. When we move in an embodied and conscious way to create ourselves we are embodying and expressing our humanity. Movement and Somatics are a rich base from which to study and practice waking up and being human.
In the trainings now in France and Switerzland Swimming Dragon is an important part of the Somatic blend. The Swimming Dragon is a combination of Tai Chi, Chi Gong and some bits of Chinese Dance. I would call this Somatics before Somatics. It reflects aspects of the Asian roots of Somatics.
Improvisation and Movement Explorations unfold and flower from the fertile ground of Somatics. Improvisation often mirrors life. In some ways it is both a kind of preparation for life and at the same time, in many ways, resembles life…you don’t ever really know what the next moment is going to present. We like to live our lives thinking we know how life is going to unfold and sometimes surprises, accidents, or unexpected situations arise and kick us into the reality that we really don’t know. And not knowing is not comfortable. It is a place most of us choose to spend as little time as possible. But some will say “not knowing” is actually a very rich and expansive space. Improvising is practicing that state of being. It is risky and can be scary. And at the same time this is where life can be most exciting and one can feel most alive.
And then there is another step in the land of Improvisation…the “not knowing” of MuShin. MuShin translates from Japanese to No Mind or in Chinese it could be translated to Wu Wei or effortless action. MuShin takes all the ideas I have about Improvisation and says yes, this is true, and, there is another place that goes beyond what I think, what I study and what I practice. MuShin says that I have to let that information and knowledge go. That I have to get on the horse of not knowing and see where it takes me. To let go of doing and sit in the saddle of being! To allow the life force to move through me, to shape me and to create me.