“Learning is not the accumulation
of knowledge.
Learning is movement from moment to moment.”

Somatic studies the BodyMindSpirit
in the present moment. It is a direct first hand experience. I can refer to others experience, but in the end,

I have to see if that experience resonates with mine. It is not about right or wrong, good or bad, it just is.
The Creative Process is then how we integrate and create with this information, and inspire and enlighten ourselves and others! This is embodiment of our human nature.

July 17-21
The Way of MuShin
Bolozon, France
Contact: Lucie Lemaitre

Bolozon, the Gite, will be closing this summer. We are happy that The Way of MuShinwill be the last workshop at this beautiful, generous and exciting center.
It is located close to Bourg-en-Bresse
in the Montagne du Jura. It is a unique space and atmosphere and everyday we will go out into nature to explore
MuShin in this beautiful area of France.
It is highly recommended to register early.

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