“Learning is not the accumulation
of knowledge.
Learning is movement from moment to moment.”

Somatic studies the BodyMindSpirit
in the present moment. It is a direct first hand experience. I can refer to others experience, but in the end,

I have to see if that experience resonates with mine. It is not about right or wrong, good or bad, it just is.
The Creative Process is then how we integrate and create with this information, and inspire and enlighten ourselves and others! This is embodiment of our human nature.

June 25-28
The Art of Movement
Studio 6 SPACE, Dartington, UK

Contact Info:
Leela - leeladance@gmail.com
Tel +44 (0) 1803866805

The workshop will focus on developing
and cultivating kinesthetics awareness to shape and expand our creative possibilities as artists, educators and human beings.
From this base we will work with and through improvisation and MuShin Mu (NoMind Dance).

J. Krishnamurti