“Learning is not the accumulation
of knowledge.
Learning is movement from moment to moment.”

Somatic studies the BodyMindSpirit
in the present moment. It is a direct first hand experience. I can refer to others experience, but in the end,

I have to see if that experience resonates with mine. It is not about right or wrong, good or bad, it just is.
The Creative Process is then how we integrate and create with this information, and inspire and enlighten ourselves and others! This is embodiment of our human nature.

New Training in 2018 in France and Switzerland 

The focus of these programs will be the Somatic Work, Performance and the Creative Process.

France: Marseille
The French Intensive will begin
in January 2018, see info in Training

For further information please contact
Julian Lhuillier

T.: 0033 (4) 91641158
T.: 0033 (4) 91550145

Switzerland: Basel
The Switzerland Training will take place in
Basel beginning in Autumn 2018.
See info in Training

For further information please contact
Frank Hediger

J. Krishnamurti