What is Performance Lab?

The Performance Lab is a class/workshop in Movement Theater for teachers, therapists, performers, coaches and anybody else who wants to develop themselves as artists, performers and Human Beings. The Lab provides an environment for participants to develop skills for ones personal creative process through performance.

The process works through both improvisation and exploration. Improvisation is a powerful metaphor for life. Studying improvisation provides a vehicle to study who we are in the present moment, and to develop ourselves through being awake and present in the moment. Exploration is a development and refinement of the material that arises from the Improvisation process. Exploration allows us to shape and deepen our material.


Soto subscribes to the theory that creativity goes to the very core of what
it means to be human, and when we are involved in the creative process we are anchoring ourselves in our humanness.
Soto has developed much of this work through personal experience and experimentation.
He has been developing this specific body
of work over the past 40 years. He has been blessed by having great teachers and influenced tremendously by Anna Halprin 
and the Life/Art Process®, and the many students he has shared and learned from
over the years.

"Movement is life. When we move with consciousness and intention to express who we are, and invest ourselves in our movement, then we are celebrating life and the life force that flows through us."


The Performance Lab is theater based in movement.
Movement anchors and centers us in our bodies and in the present.
Additionally, the lab includes voice work and the spoken word.

The spoken word includes improvised text, as well as, developing our personal stories and myths.