Somatics is, and can be, applied to and enrich, the field of education, psychology, movement and dance, meditation, martial arts, theater, body work, walking and any and all of our daily activities and practices.
Our study is the body in the moment, or to take it a step further, the body in the moment in movement.
Movement is what we human being do, our lives unfold in movement
from the cellular level to the whole body in action.
To cultivate and heighten our attention, and perception, of the body, 
the moment, and the movement, is both the process and the goal 
of this approach to Embodiment.


I began studying the Art of Touch in 1970 at the Institute of Swedish Gymnastics and Massage in New York City. About the same time I took classes in Shiatsu w/Shisuko Yamamoto.
In 1972 I branched into Polarity Therapy and then met the late Andre Bernard and began a long time and on going study of Ideokinesis. This is a Neuromuscular Repatterning System that uses the clients attention
and intention to bring the weight of the axial skeleton closer to the central axis,and to lower the center of gravity. The overall intention is to free the joints and consequently, to free the individual through their movement. 
For more information on this, you can reference
my book "Ideokinesis: BodyMind Integrity
and Integration," which can be purchased by
contacting me by email.
In the 70's I began a personal study of moving clients
on the table to free up the joints and relax the muscles.
I call this work Passive Joint Release.
In 1991 I began to study CranialSacral Therapy and Somatic Emotional Release.
About the same time I began my study of QiGong which certainly influences my body work.
Somatics is the practice of mindfulness in the present moment 
in and through the BodyMind
: Embodiment. 
It is based in the study of the sensations, feelings, energy,
thought formations and emotions continuously coursing through us.

This ability to develop and heighten our perception of our life force 
is refinement of our being.
In this approach to Somatics I include the following studies: movement awareness, attention to the breath, relaxation both in stillness and in movement, Eastern models of cultivation of BodyMindSpirit Oneness and Wholeness, movement principles, exercises to develop the concept of MuShin (no mind) in our movement, and hands on exercises to facilitate the BodyMindSpirit  connection.