During summertime here are the schedule for workshops and trainings in Europe, for infos about individual sessions please send me an email.

Contact: Aude Cartoux
T: 0033(6)76197767
T: 0033(4)91641158
July 1-5
Marseille, France
July 13-16
Giessen, Germany
I am excited to begin my summer schedule in
Marseille. Next year we (Aude and Yoann Boyer)
will be starting a one year training in Somatics

and the Creative Process in Marseille through
the sponsorship of the dance institute Pole164.
If you are interested in this training or have
questions please contact Pole 164 at the above
telephone or e-mail.
July 7-10

Bologna, Italy
Contact: Mousiké
Scuola di Formazione e Ricerca
in Danza Educativa e di Comunità
This will be my second year at this lovely
and gracious scuola, Laura Colomban will assist
and translate.
This workshop is for people who have worked
with me in the past and preferably done some
of the Performance Lab work. This is a great
opportunity for those students in years past to
reconnect to the work, others and me.
The workshop will be in the studio of Claus.
July 27-30
Konstanz, Germany
Contact: Tanzform
A. Stefanie Hohm
This will be the 16th year I will teach in 
the Transform. Elke and the Tanzform have
always been very gracious and hospitable 
and I am always excited to return.
August 7-11 

Gotz, Osterreich
St. Arbogast
(Institut für Integrative Gestalttherapie)
IGW Tel.: 0049 - (0) 931/9709 1234
I have had a working relationship with the IGW since
the second year I started teaching in Europe, 1980.
I have always gotten much from the relationship
and am blessed that  it continues. I call this workshop “Movement and Dance for Everybody” and focus on
the importance of including the soma and movement
in the therapeutic context.

Contact: Claus Buhler
T: 0049 177 4491261

I am excited to share my work for the first time
in the beautiful mountains of Voralberg, thank you
Verena. Many years ago I worked in Breganz which
is down by the Konstanzsee in the lowlands.
Now after all these years Voralberg is like literally
moving up in the world!

Contact: Verena Wohlrab   
T: 00 43 / 650 42 42613
September 1-3

Basel, Switzerland
Contact: Frank Hedeger

I believe this will be the 5th year working with Frank
and sharing in his hospitality and family.
It also will be the final stop in this summer
European schedule. I have a long history with
Basel dating back to the 2nd or 3rd year in began teaching in Europe, something like 1980. I stopped
for a number of years and am excited to continue
in one of my favorite European cities.
FYI, Frank and I are planning a training in Somatics
and the Creative Process in Switzerland in the near future. Not immediately but it is coming.

August 18-20
Voralberg, Austria