Hello and all the best for a happy 2023

I wanted to give a little note about the workshop themes and practices. All the seminars revolve around three aspects of Movement. I am listing them as separate but they all interact and impact the other. The ground is Somatics, the intention is to cultivate awareness and our kinesthetic bodies. (In the training programs in Basel and Marseille we also use a combination TaiQi/QiGong practice called Tai Yi Swimming Dragon to acknowledge that the practices of movement awareness or mindful movement roots are in Asia.) Then we use various Improvisation exercises to develop the ability to be present in the moment and the ability to respond to the situation. These are practiced in solo, duets, trios and ensemble dynamics. The third piece of the work is moving beyond Improvisation into what I refer to as Mu Shin Wu Wei. “Mu Shin translates to No Mind from the Japanese. “MuShin is the Zen concept of ‘No mindedness’ a state where there is no preconceived thought that interrupts the flow of physical action.” (From an article I read a long time ago and no longer know the source.) Wu Wei Is a Taoist concept used to describe the flow of things; that is life or movement, without any human conscious direction. The essence of this Wu Wei living is to simply do exactly what we are doing, to do it wholly and selflessly, spontaneously and without any separation from it.”
David Hinton: China Roots: Taoism, Ch’an, and Original Zen.

I originally used the term Unwinding when I began experimenting with this work. I took that term from my studies in Cranial Sacral Therapy and Somatic Emotional Release. Later studying free QiGong and much research I thought Mu Shin Wu Wei was closer to what I was looking to get from the work. To just be with what is and flow and move with it.

All the workshops in the schedule will revolve around these three practices with emphasis changing based on how the work wants to unfold. 

In the link are the locations, dates and contacts for my 43rd year of sharing my work in Europe. It would be a delight to meet you again in a workshop, in the street, cafe or where ever for that matter. And if you feel so inclined please share the information with anyone you feel would, or could, benefit from it. Thank you! 

For infos about individual sessions please send me an email.


January to October 2023
Marseille, France
Training L'A
rt du Mouvement Formation

Somatic Practice, Improvisation
and Performance with
Aude Cartoux, Yoann Boyer
and G Hoffman Soto.

Info and booking:
Contact: pole164@gmail.com

February 10, 11, 12, 2023
Paris, Tamalpa France
Movement from the Inside Out

For booking and info, contact:
Tel # 06 13 96 04 89

February 24-26, 2023
Geneva, Switzerland
Danser pour s’oublier
et trouver sa danse

Co-teaching with Noemie Lanier, please contact Noemie at
Tel +41 76 382 0120


July 20-23, 2023
Giessen, Germany
Review days

This workshop is designed for individuals who have worked with
Soto over the past 44 years that
he has been teaching in Europe.

Contact: Claus Buhler.

July 27-30
Konstanz, Germany
The Art of Movement
from the Inside Out

Contact: Tanzform
Tel # +49 7531-219 20

Juli 31-August 4
St Arbogast, Gotzis, Austria
Movement for Every Body

43 years ago I taught for the first time at the IGW, Gestalt Institut Wurzburg. This workshop, as part of the IGW’s summer Kompakt Training.

Contactt: IGW
Tel: +49 931 97091234

August 10-13
Vienna, Austria
Die Kunst der Bewegung

Contact: Helene Pusswald

August 17-20
Berne, Switzerland
The Art of Movement

This workshop in the past number of years has been a combination
of people
who have experienced my work and newcomers to
The Art of Movement which
has makes a powerful mix into the magical world of creativity.

Contact: Carmen Aufdereggen

August 26- September 3
Basel, Switzerland
SCP (Training in Somatics, Creativity and Performance)

This begins the third two year Module in the SCP training in Basel. Frank Hediger is both the director of the program and along with G Hoffman Soto a teacher in the work.The emphasis in the program is developing a strong somatic presence and how that translates into creative and
performance realms. For further information please refer to the SCP website at scp-program.com

Contact: Frank Heidiger