During summertime here are the schedule for workshops and trainings in Europe, for infos about individual sessions please send me an email.

June 25-28
The Art of Movement
Studio 6 SPACE, Dartington, UK
Contact Info:
Tel +44 (0) 1803866805
The workshop will focus on developing
and cultivating kinesthetics awareness to shape and expand our creative possibilities as artists, educators and human beings.
From this base we will work with and through improvisation and MuShin Mu (NoMind Dance).
There will be onsite dorm rooms
(ex-student single rooms) with shared bathrooms available.
Early bookings recommended as a minimum of 5 participants is needed.
Contact Leela at the above email address.
July 7-11
Continuation of Year Long Training
Formation "L'art du mouvement"
Marseille, France Pole 164
This is a continuation of a year long training in Somatics, Creativity and Performance.
July 23-26
Old timers Reunion!
Giessen, Germany Zentrum für Bewegungskunst
Contact: Claus Buhler at

This workshop is offered for those individuals who have worked with Soto over the years and would like revisit some of the work and people who have a history with the work.
July 30 - August 2
The Art of Movement
Tanzform Konstanz, Germany
Contact: Stefanie Hohm
This has been an almost 20 year relationship with Tanzform and the director Elke Scheller. This is always a highlight and creative time. Book early because it tends to fill up fast!
July 2-5
Movement From The Inside Out
Mousiké Centri di Educazione
alla Danza
Bologna, Italy
This will be the fifth year working with this wonderful institute under the direction of Franca Zagatti. We will work with Somatics and making dances from Improvisation in solo, duets, trios and ensembles. This is always an exciting time!
August 5-9
Art of Movement
From The Inside Out
Berne, Switzerland
Contact: Carmen Aufdereggen
Our own instantaneous experience of the moment in the movement and body is the base of the art of moving from the inside to the outside. 

The Workshop will focus on nourishing our Kinesthetic presence, exploring improvisation and practicing MuShin Mu (No Mind Dance).

August 10-14
Compact Training Movement
for EveryBody!
St Arbogast, Austria (IGW) Institut Gestalt Wurburg, Würzburg
This seminar will work with awareness
and mindfulness in movement, and explore how movement and creativity can be applied in the therapeutic setting.

August 29 - September 6
New Two Year Training
presented by SCP and SotoMotion 

in Somatics, Creativity and Performance
Basel, Switzerland

Contact: Frank Hediger at
This is a two year training for those wishing to deepen their personal relationship to Somatics and the creative process through movement,as well as to gain and expand resources for working with these subjects in education, performance and therapy. The hours accumulated in this training are applicable for certification with ISMETA… (International Somatics Movement Education and Therapy Association). Somatics is presented and explored through both Eastern and Western methodologies. The course is taught by Soto and Frank Hediger. Frank is co leader at Tamalpa Germany and a long time practitioner in both Chinese and Japanese Martial Arts.